about school…

Our school has a history of 33 years. The school was founded by Motoyama Toshiko and Suzuki Hiroko, who gained English teaching qualifications in America, and focused on the English education of returnees from abroad at while teaching at Nishimachi International School.

These founders developed a school with an enthusiastic and sincere attitude towards developing students' language skills and cultural awareness, and the school has continued to grow, with over 150 students currently enrolled. Our school has developed as a centre for English language learning with deep roots in the Makuhari Baytown area. Over the years, we have watched many of our students grow up, and also seen their language skills develop and progress.

We focus on offering practical English, with native speakers teaching students in small classes, in accordance with American-style educational philosophies, in order to give students a holistic language experience.

We invite anyone who wants to experience and try communicating in English to visit our school. By learning English, you can experience the joys of learning about different cultures, enjoying reading classic books in their original form, and meeting and communicating with people from all over the world. Our school will do our best to support you in your language goals.



In our school's 33 year history, we have seen hundreds of children who have studied with us go out into the world and use their English in their new lives abroad.

Children have different personalities, and of course, different leaning styles. Our instructors strive to make English learning enjoyable and authentic. Through enjoying themselves, students develop a love for learning English, and continue to firmly develop a foundation English. With returnee students, we read lots of books, using native-speaker level texts to heighten children's enjoyment and measure and maintain their English proficiency. Watching the staff and children together, it's amazing to think that "Learning English can be so much fun!"